Branches makes it easy for people to give

With a simple text message, your congregation can give to the church quickly and easily. In fact, people can donate to the church with a single text message! Members can also give online and give via the web.

Traditional ways of giving can be hit and miss

Les and less people are carrying cash these days, and even less carry around a cheque book. As technology advances, the church also has to advance with it, and providing an alternate easy way for people to give takes the guess work out of giving.

Now, people can give anywhere, anytime..

It's so easy!

People can give in as little as a single text message. They can text "give 20" or just "20" to a number assigned to your church after they complete a one time registration of their payment details, and the funds get deposited to your account. Easy. It also supports giving to designated funds and campuses.


And when people give, their donation is automatically posted to their account and your monthly SMS giving batch all in real time. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

It's Integrated

We we say it's integrate, we don't mean we've integrated a 3rd party tool into Vine. We mean it's our platform build directly into Vine. This means the interface can do all sorts of nifty things like single text registration for events plus payment. The Branches SMS interface has direct access to your entire database! This means just about anything is possible to do via a simple text message. And boy do we have some interesting things in store. Stay tuned...

Here's some of the other things you can text to Branches..


Prompts you to enter how much you would like to give


Initiates a giving session where $$$ is the amount you wish to give. For example, 25. If the user has confirmation prompts tuned off, the transaction will be completed immediately.

75 missions

Initiates a $75 gift to the missions fund. In this case, missions is a valid fund you setup in the administrator area. The user may enter any valid fund name.


After making a donation, texting refund will refund that donation


The user can text this to view their giving history


Emails the user a link they can use to access the web app with their browser or tablet where they can update their account, payment details, and use all the features of the Branches web app.


Displays the next few calendar events open for registration. You can also assign tags to events for single text registration.


When detected in a text, it will submit the text as a prayer request. For example;

Please pray for my children that God would keep them safe when they go to college.


When detected, it will submit the text as a contact request. For example;

Please contact me regarding baptism. 


When detected, it will submit the text as a praise report. For example;

Praise the Lord I got the job I was praying about!


Returns a link the user can use to update their payment details. This takes them to the web app.


Allows the person to change or delete the recurrig billing setup

join    Subscribes the person to your newsletter

remove    Un-subscribes the person from your newsletter


Emails the user this list of commands


The Branches HTML 5 App

Branches is not just an SMS interface, it's a complete HTML 5 Church Ministry app. It allows your members to:

  • Give just as easy as the SMS interface
  • Submit prayer, praise reports and comments using the Friendship Register
  • View, register and pay for upcoming events
  • Access sermons, complete with video and audio, and take sermon notes with our sermon note outline tool.
  • Update their account and payment information
  • Manage the accounts of all the people in their household
  • Access any kind of office form, like membership or other sign-up forms and their submissions get stored directly in their account.
  • The app also interfaces with our child check-in module so parents can check their children into programs using their phone. So next level, so cool!
  • Update their privacy options
  • Reset their giving pin #


Branches On A Tablet

We haven't forgotten about tablet users.. Branches shines on a tablet making it even easier and fun to use. The SMS interface provides a link that members can click to access the desktop/tablet version. 

Increase Member Engagement

The Branches app will help you to engage more with your members. It provides a single point of member interactivity and provides you with an easy way to push out information to members.