Member Portal

Advanced Member Portal

Our member portal provides some additional key functionality for your members. They can update their profile and privacy information, access news and sermons, upload their photo for the church directory, access internal office forms, view their giving history, update group information like small group attendance and much more.

Get Your Message Out

From the member portal, members can access the groups they belong to and send personal or private messages to one or more people.

It's a great place for members to keep in touch and securely communicate with each other.


Online Guestbook

Many churches use some sort of manual guest registration or guest book for guests to use when visiting, or for member to submit prayer requests and praise reports, and to get more information about the church. This is fine, but we've taken this to a whole new level.

Zero Administration

We make it click and save easy for members to get or submit formation to the office, and best of all, it requires 0 administration to manage. All notifications and reporting are done automatically and specific items can be assigned to specific people for follow-up.

More Information

Sermon Notes

Branches includes an easy to use tool that allows you to input your sermon outlines complete with audio and video. And it's not just an outline, you can include options where members can "fill in the blanks" and add their own comments. Their notes and responses are permanently kept in the system for the next time they return to that sermon online!

Increase Member Engagement

This is a great option for increasing member engagement. Members can also ask questions that will be posted in real time to other members of their small group. It's a great way to stimulate conversation.


The Branches HTML 5 App

Branches is not just an SMS interface, it's a complete HTML 5 Church Ministry app. It allows your members to:

  • Give just as easy as the SMS interface
  • Submit prayer, praise reports and comments using the Friendship Register
  • View, register and pay for upcoming events
  • Access sermons, complete with video and audio, and take sermon notes with our sermon note outline tool.
  • Update their account and payment information
  • Manage the accounts of all the people in their household
  • Access any kind of office form, like membership or other sign-up forms and their submissions get stored directly in their account.
  • The app also interfaces with our child check-in module so parents can check their children into programs using their phone. So next level, so cool!
  • Update their privacy options
  • Reset their giving pin #