Child and Volunteer Chick-in

It's fast and easy to use child, volunteer, guest and event check-in all rolled into one

Child Check-In

A critical area in any healthy church is a secure, easy to use child check-in system. Vine provides an easy to use interface that enable to you quickly check children into their services and print badges for parents and children.

It's Quick And Easy

Vine makes it easy to search for parent/gaurdians by name, phone number or barcode, and quickly checks-in one or more children into one or more programs all the while tracking attendance.

Check-in is also available to use for standard calendar events when check-in and registration is required.

End The Congestion

Our check-in system can also be used on mobile devices!

So you can end the congestion and long lines by enabling multiple staff to check people in right on their iPad!

Use It Anywhere

Consider the possibilites of allowing check-in to run anywhere. People can be checked-in even before they get to the service. The possibilities are limitless!

Checkin also supports barcode scanning for speeding check-in and out of programs.