Profile Management

Our profile management allows you to manage your church database with ease. You can track any information you require in order to support your church and make informed decisions.

Profile Management

Feature rich and customizable 

We make it easy for you to manage your member's information. Our profile forms are 100% customizable so you can add new form fields or rearrange the existing ones. Anything associated with a member can be found in their account profile from personal information to small group attendance and privacy preferences and more.


The church database begin with households, and households can contain any number of family members.

Family Members

Each person has their own profile that is 100% customizable. From pictures to personal and business information, there is no limit as to how much data you can maintain on each person.

Other Profile Information

Each profile can contain a vast amount of associated data like notes, email activity, attendance records, donations and ministry interests.

Office Forms

We all know that office forms play a big part in any church. The problem is that they can quickly get out of control. We take the hastle out of office forms by making it easy to create and disseminate office forms. Once completed, the form data is permently stored in the members account for quick retrieval.

Get Notified

Email notices can be sent out to an administrator once the form has been 100% completed, and users can partially save, and come back to the form at any time.

Additional Features

On-line Giving

Your members can easliy give on-line and have access to their giving records. They can also print their own tax reciept on demand.

User Control Management

Vine uses a role based security model so you have complete control over what a user can or cannot do, and what modules they can access.

We're in the cloud

Being cloud based means you can access to the system anywhere, anytime, no IT adminstration to deal with, you can leave the tech stuff up to us.

Integrated Email Management

Vine includes an integrated Email Managent Module. Not just a simple email form, but a full featured Email Marketing Platform like Constant Contact.


Vine also includes an easy to use drag and drop reporting tool plus dashboard allowing you to get the information you need to make descisions and monitor system activity.


View scheuled activities on a full featured calendar. Vine allows you to create simple viewable events, or events that members can volunteer or register and/or pay for online.

Take Your Ministry To The Next Level

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